Full-stack software development

Our team has 20 years of experience building various software for fin-tech companies. If you have a business goal to accomplish and you look for someone to make that tech. magic real then you have landed on the right website. We can make it happen!

Our services

Business analysis

To make things right you have to look beyond the code. We know how to ask the right questions to understand your business needs. This allows us to find the right solutions and boost your business growth.


Our design and UX team make your software not only practical to use but also visually pleasing. Result gets even better when you add A/B testing to the process. This way we just dont assume, we are sure that it works.

Software development

We are so much into coding that we see our world as binary code flavored with Java, Ruby and Go on top of Kubernetes cluster. When you talk about your business then we see architecture and solutions and are already writing some MVP code in our minds.


Your business depends on lots of systems and you have hired people who do the same thing all day around: copy and paste the data between different applications. You have long wondered what if you could automate all this. How would your business look then? We can add some tech. magic to automate data flow and you can save lots of money and scale your business.

Quality Assurance

Software testing is essential when developing new software. Our QA team makes sure that sofware we build comes out without glitches.


We keep cloud computers busy doing something that is valuable for your business. We have competence to build fault tolerant and highly scalable clusters with automated monitoring 24/7. We can create SLA agreements to give you a peace of mind.

Main technology skills


Our partners